Get the Best Screen Captures


Directions for PC

  1. Install Camtasia (

  2. Set your screen resolution to 1280 x 800, if your application is capable of running in that relatively small screen. The ideal resolution to show this on an iPad would be 1024 x 768, but that could be prohibitively small.

    1. If you have a high-density display (over 1900 pixels wide) and the application supports OS scaling, then you can also record it at full screen. I would then be able to crop it as needed.

  3. Launch Camtasia and set it to record on full screen. If you have more than one monitor, it will let you choose which one to record.

  4. Set Camtasia to record audio from the built-in mic (on a laptop), or external microphone if you have one hooked up.

  5. Hit record and go through the demo. If there are any outtakes, just go back to the last step and make a voice note in the recording for ease of editing.

  6. When you're done hit stop (or F10) and save the recording. It will be a .camrec file.

  7. You'll have the option to open it in Camtasia for editing, but the .camrec is the one we would need for post-production.