Marketing Video Checklist

Here is a useful list of the most popular types of videos for Online Marketing. The list also includes ratings for each type depending on their best audience or funnel stage. Use it as a checklist, to cover all your bases, and if you find a good area to create new video content, Let's Make a Video!

Video type Ideal for...
Awareness Interest Research Evaluation Support Community Updates Upsell
Company overview
Great for "about us" section on website
OK Best Best     OK    
Mini Success Story
Great to create brand validation with many of these
Best Best Good OK   Good OK  
Mini feature demo
Great for technical audiences to get excited
OK OK Best Good Good     Good
Video "ad" for Facebook
An ad by content only, showcase in 15 sec.
Best Good       Good OK OK
Video banner
Make a website look good [good re-purpose candidate]
  OK OK OK   Best   Best
YouTube channel trailer
Bring more people to your channel
Best Good       Best    
Thought leader feature
Generate buzz around people and ideas
OK OK Good Best   Best Best OK
Explainer video
Complex made simple through narrated animation
OK Good Best OK Best     Best
Event recording excerpts
Reuse event content on your website/social
Good Best OK OK   Best Best  
Animated infographic
Jump into industry/vertical/topic conversations
Good Best Good OK   Best   Best
Presentation video
Makes great event or sales meeting opener
Best OK OK     Best Best Best
Website welcome video
A little company, a little products. say hi
Good OK OK Good   Best Good OK
Animated gif for email
Until video embeds are supported on email, gif
Best Best         Best OK
Video blog series
Keep your readers (viewers) engaged
Best Best Good Good Good Best Best OK
Product overview
Great in hero banners for product pages
  OK Best OK OK OK    
Case study
How has a certain product made a difference?
Best OK Best Good   Best    
Customer testimonial
What customers are saying about you[r product]
  OK Best Good   Best   Best
Top 10 Features
Great dive into product/service
OK Best Best OK   OK   Best
Product tour series
Expand on your top 10 (or top 5) features
  OK Best Good OK OK   Good
Product demo
Show your product capabilities right off the bat
  OK Good Best Best     OK
Event recording
Let non-attendees in on the latest news
    Good Best   OK Best  
DIY ideas/How-to series
Share the wealth
OK OK Good Best Best Best    
Usage examples
How to use your product (in unconventional ways)
  OK Good Best Good Good